Bär Cargolift Sliders

The retractable tailgate for Canadian trucks​

High degree of pre-assembly with flexible and low-maintenance use – Bär Cargolift Sliders. These retractable tailgates can be quickly mounted on trucks by means of a bolted suspension or on semitrailers by means of a bracketed suspension.

While the slider is stowed away under the vehicle in driving position, it can quickly be ready for use. After sliding out hydraulically, the platform is easily unfolded manually and provides a large surface for trolley or pallet transport. The platform system has a fixed and folding part in natural aluminium. Manual folding of plattform tip is realized with spring assistance.

The aluminium sliding mechanism with maintenance free sliding guide is extremely sturdy and has very good sliding properties. The benefits can be seen in frequent use and continuous operation, in particular.

The Bär Cargolift Sliders for Canada

BC 2500 R41 - The one fold retractable tailgate 

Transport carriers expect high performance and the BC 2500 R41 does just that. This Cargolift offers the best versatility due to a load capacity of 5512 lbs (2500 kg) and a 39.37” (1000 mm) load center along with a platform length of up to 79.13” (2010 mm). With the extensive use of aluminium, this retractable Cargolift offers an optimal weight to load bearing capacity ratio. In the process, there is also a sufficient remaining payload for heavy pallets.

data sheet BC 2500 R41

fitment drawing BC 2500 R41

dimension sheet truck

dimension sheet (semi trailer)

BC 2000 R42 - The two fold retractable tailgate 

The Cargolift for complex logistics tasks: BC 2000 R42. With the double-folded platform, this Cargolift disappears compactly under the carrier vehicle in driving position. After the motor slides the platform out and it is manually unfolded, the platform is quickly ready for use. The truck can then be used alternatingly in distribution and long-distance transport as desired.

data sheet BC 2000 R42

Features & benefits - Equipment prepared for Canadian requirements 

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