Bär Cargolift Service

Because maximum availability is the target

Service contacts in Canada

Service hotline as well as spare parts stock for tailgates and tuck-aways:

H.K. Truck & Trailer

Phone 1-800-361-6222


Spare parts stock for VanLifts: 


Phone Montreal : 1-866-775-5321

Phone Ottawa : 1-877-225-7606


Order spare parts at any time in the WebShop

The WebShop will help you find the right original Bär spare part: BÄR recommends identifying parts by serial number and exploded view, as this gives you access to the parts list. Alternatively, you can find the right part using various search options. In addition, more than 2,000 original spare parts are available as 3D images so that you can turn and rotate these parts. 

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Service partner search

Downtimes are costly. In order to provide you with the quickest assistance possible, Bär Cargolift offers the service partner search - either by region using the map or by list with selection of country and city.

Please enter your location and the desired region. The results are listed in ascending order according to the distance from the location.

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Kartendaten ©2023 Google

The basis of efficient service: Diagnostics

Diagnostic software Bär CargoCheck

The diagnostic software Bär CargoCheck offers quick and simple fault diagnosis with a Windows PC. Bär CargoCheck enables:

  • Signal monitoring
  • Evaluation of the error memory
  • Display of voltage and current course

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The intelligent control eBC Controller

The controller that thinks for itself. It enables automatic function sequences, emergency button operation and much more.

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